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NexGen 3 Gallon Dilution Bucket, Gray



The NexGen Pre-Treat Bucket is an integral part of any Microfiber PreTreat Cleaning System.

Why use a Microfiber PreTreat Cleaning System?

  • Offers a "No-Touch" solution for attaching and removing mops
  • Fights cross-contamination by using a single, clean mop, wiper or cloth
  • Reduces chemical usage by 75%
  • Significantly reduces water consumption, 1 gallon of solution will pretreat 30 large 16x16 microfiber cloths or 50 small 12x12 microfiber cloths


For more information about how to integrate the NexGen Pre-Treat Bucket into your PreTreat System, click on the PDF below that provides a detailed explanation of the PreTreat Process. The 3 Gallon Pre-Treat Bucket can hold both 9" mops and microfiber cloths or any combination needed to compliment your cleaning program.

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