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NexGen 9" Blue Looped Microfiber Pad, 24 Pads/Case



NexGen 9" Blue Looped Wall Wash & Surface Pad, 24 Pads/Case

Microfiber cleaning pads are ideal for wet or dry applications and leave surfaces dry and streak free. Use on counter tops, metal, plastic, glass or any hard surface.

This 9" microfiber pad can be used in conjunction with a microfiber Pre-Treat Process. Place 25 white microfiber pads into a 3 gallon Pre-Treat Bucket and add 1 gallon of disinfectant (Sanotracin) using your blue dilution/dosing bucket.

Available for use with the 9" Hand Held Frame (TRI19080) and the 9" Microfiber Wall-Wash Swivel Frame (TRI19081) with Telescopic Handle (TRI19015).

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