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SURE Plus ATP Meter w/Case



Do you know how clean your surfaces are? 

Want to benchmark cleaning effectiveness for administration? 

Until recently, these were tough questions.  The white glove tests of the past are no longer sufficient methods for determining overall cleanliness levels or cleaning compliance.  With the SURE Plus ATP Meter, you can monitor levels of Adenosine Triphospate (ATP) on surfaces. 

The following, provides a list of features:

  • Small and lightweight
  • Sensitive - detects down to 1 femtomole of ATP
  • 250 programmable locations per sample plan
  • 20 programmable sample plans
  • Alphanumeric Location ID
  • Stores 2000 results
  • Simple to use, menu-driven operation from keypad
  • Results in 15 seconds
  • Self-calibration at startup
  • 2x AA battery powered = 3,000 + tests
  • SURE-Trend analysis software available (optional, not inluded in package)

For a list of recommended surfaces to test in the healthcare setting, download the PDF below, Environmental Cleaning Checklist.

For more information on quality control programs, see our training section. We routinely offer courses on designing and implementing a quality control program aimed at infection prevention.

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