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Ultrasnap ATP Test Swabs, 200/Case



Ultrasnap ATP Test Swabs are user-friendly, self-contained ATP testing swabs designed specifically for use with the SURE Plus ATP Meter. 

The test swab is made up of a premoistened swab bud with a cationic agent to release ATP from any intact cells and aid in soil removal; a unique liquid-stable enzyme reagent; ; and patented Snap Valve technology for easy activation.  The unique liquid-stable enzyme reagent offers exceptional accuracy and reproducibility. 

The SURE Plus ATP Meter does not come with any test swabs.  If you are ordering the Ultrasnap ATP Test Swabs, please be sure that you have or will also be ordering the SURE Plus ATP monitor. 

For a list of recommended surfaces to test in the healthcare setting, download the PDF below, Environmental Cleaning Checklist.

For more information on quality control programs, see our training section. We routinely offer courses on designing and implementing a quality control program aimed at infection prevention.

This item requires refridgeration and ships NEXT DAY Air packaged on dry ice.  Due to it's perishable nature, this item is non-returnable.

Shelf Life = 12 months (refrigerated temperature of 2-8 degrees Celcius) or 4 Weeks at Room Temperature

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