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NexGen Dilution Bucket



The NexGen Dilution Bucket is an integral part of any Microfiber PreTreat Cleaning System. 

Why use a Microfiber PreTreat Cleaning System? 

  • Offers a "No-Touch" solution for attaching and removing mops
  • Fights cross-contamination by using a single, clean mop, wiper or cloth
  • Reduces chemical usage by 75%
  • Significantly reduces water consumption, 1 gallon of solution will pretreat 30 large 16x16 microfiber cloths or 50 small 12x12 microfiber cloths


For more information about how to integrate the NexGen Dilution Bucket into your PreTreat System, click on the PDF below that provides a detailed explanation of the PreTreat Process.

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